The daylight photo team will provide you with professional, high-quality:
  • photography
  • PhotoShop/digital imaging
  • video
  • graphic design
  • PR/social media

Bob Scheadler


Bob began taking photographs in the 1970s. His passion for creative imagery and his need to achieve visual perfection have intensified over the years. Bob enjoyed his time in the darkroom and now enjoys using PhotoShop to enhance his images. His knowledge of photography is interwoven with his digital mastery, allowing him to create beautiful images. Bob is a long-time member of the America Society of Media Photographers — ASMP.


Michael Weber

Studio Manager

Keepin’ it clean. Keepin’ it organized. Keepin’ it positive. Keepin’ it real.¬†


Christine Scheadler


Bookkeeping, marketing, website, and office management.

Dynamic Visual Production Team

The Daylight Photo Team

In the beginning, daylight photo photographers were well-versed in various formats of film photography, film developing, and dodging, burning and manipulating in the darkroom. Times have changed, and so has daylight.

Armed with the critical knowledge of film photography, daylight  photo possesses a depth of experience and know-how, combined with 25 years of PhotoShop savvy to provide clients with images that are superb.


If you want it done right, daylight photo is the team for you.